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EUROPE 1100's

KEY: jP = Picture Books; jZ = 1st and 2nd Grade Readers; jE = 3rd and 4th Grade Readers; JF = 5th Grade and Up

EUROPE 1100's

Picture Books

3rd - 4th Grades

5th Grade and UP

Crossley-Holland, Kevin ARTHUR: THE SEEING STONE
It is 1199, and young Arthur de Caldicot is waiting impatiently to grow up and become a knight. When his father's friend, Merlin, gives him a piece of obsidian, his life becomes entwined with King Arthur's. (Arthur Trilogy,#1)
2002 650 p.

Gregory, Kristiana ELEANOR

The Roayl Diaries series
The diary of Eleanor, first daughter of the duke of Aquitaine, from 1136 until 1137, when at age 15 she becomes queen of France.
2002 151 p.

Sauerwein, Leigh SONG FOR ELOISE
In twelth-century France, fifteen-year-old Eloise, newly and unhappily married to the rough, ambitious, much older but devoted Robert of Rochefort, finds it difficult to adjust to her new life and unwisely falls in love with the young troubadour who comes to sing at her husband's castle.
2003 133 p.