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EUROPE 1300's

KEY: jP = Picture Books; jZ = 1st and 2nd Grade Readers; jE = 3rd and 4th Grade Readers; JF = 5th Grade and Up

EUROPE 1300's

updated 10/06

Picture Books

3rd - 4th Grade Books

5th Grade and Up

Avi Crispin. The Cross of Lead
When his mother dies, a fourteenth-century peasant boy must flee for his life after being accused of a terrible crime. His only possessions are his newly discovered name and the secret contained in his mother's lead cross.
2004 310 p.

Branford, Henrietta FIRE BED AND BONE
In 1381 England, a hunting dog recounts what happens to his beloved master Rufus and his family when they are arrested on suspicion of being part of the peasants' rebellion led by Wat Tyler and the preacher John Ball.
1998 132 p.

Young Adult

Banks, Lynne Reid

In fourteenth-century Scotland, a rivalry has embittered Lord Bruce MacLennan. MacLennan's anger causes him to order a castle built, after which he travels to China. A decision he makes in China affects MacLennan's life thereafter.
2002 297 p.

Heuston, Kimberley DANTE'S DAUGHTER
In 14th century Italy, Antonia, the daughter of Dante Alighieri, longs for a stable family and home while developing her artistic talent and seeking a place for herself in a worl with limited options for women.
2003 300 p.