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Picture Books

Beginning-to-Read Books

3rd - 4th Grade

5th Grade and UP


Sayres, Meghan Nuttall Anahita's Woven Riddle
A richly textured, carefully researched novel of a young girl's quest for the perfect husband in early 20th-century Iran. Headstrong, talented Anahita is terrified of marriage to someone who will not understand her riddles, her carpets or her desire to learn, so she convinces the mullah and her father to allow her to hold a contest: She will marry the man who guesses the riddle woven into her wedding carpet. Chapters alternate among Anahita and several of her suitors, including the wealthy, spoiled Khan, a half-nomad prince and a poor scholar. These interwoven threads present a portrait of Iran that brings to life the elements of Anahita's world and illuminates the complex relationships of the many different tribes and customs that are part of modern Iran's heritage.
2006 352 p.