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KEY: jP = Picture Books; jZ = 1st and 2nd Grade Readers; jE = 3rd and 4th Grade Readers; JF = 5th Grade and Up

6th Century, Africa

updated 10/09

Picture Books

Beginning-to-Read Books

3rd - 4th Grade

5th Grade and UP

Wein, Elizabeth THE LION HUNTER
Book One, The Mark of Solomon
Still recovering from his ordeal as a government spy, twelve-year-old Telemakos, the half-Ethiopian grandson of King Artos of Britain, is sent with his sister to live with Abreha, the ruler of Himyar. His Aunt Goewin warns him that Abreha is a dangerous man, but just how dangerous remains to be seen.
2007 223 p.

Book Two, The Mark of Solomon
Sequel to: The lion hunter
Telemakos, imprisoned on the upper levels of Abreha's, ruler of Himyar, twelve-story palace and lacking any way to communicate his predicament to his family in far-away Aksum, tries to find a subtle and effective way to regain his freedom.
2008 217 p.